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How do we begin this “game changing effort (GCE)’?”  Where do we get the ‘money’?  If we had the land and the necessary resources, I think you would agree with me that with a planet of 8,000,000,000 (eight billion) people, we could find 400 ‘pioneers’ who are competent university professors, either unemployed, underemployed, or totally dissatisfied with their present ‘job’. 

I think you would agree with me that we could also identify 10 (ten) or more qualified and skilled ‘pioneers’ in each of the previous-mentioned Industries (4,000 people) who are willing to leave their present location and return to Africa for the purpose of building a New City-State, Nchia Baba Na Mama (NBNM), centered around the University of Uhuru.

We have already determined where Nchia Baba Na Mama will be located.  The choice for the location for such a monumental task was determined by several factors including:

  1. Is the land presently uninhabited?
  2. Are the present nations underpopulated?
  3. Is there an initial common language base?
  4. Are the leaders and the people of these nations Pan-African?
  5. Is the land fertile and minerally rich?
  6. Do the nations have a need for the academic, intellectual, technical and manpower skills that U of U can provide to their people?
  7. Do the nations themselves share a common history and cultural heritage that would allow for an association or amalgamation at some point soon?
  8. Are there adequate natural resources (water, wind, sun) to generate the power for the necessary infrastructure of a new city-state of ten million (10,000,000) people?
  9. Is there any existing means of transportation modalities available to reach the site?

The answers to these questions are all affirmative for Nchia Baba Na Mama, selected for the first of the twelve (12) new city-states that we will build in the process of the redemption and re-unification of Africa, humanity’s birthplace. [No matter how far they stray, all animals seek to return home.]

The only question that remains is how do we acquire the initial necessary resources (food and supplies) until we are able to cultivate, build and manufacture what we need, without having to rely on imports?

“To set these processes in motion requires a certain prior level of availability of skilled personnel, industrial equipment and experience, and a reasonable level of food production.  But once set in motion, this process would itself enable the state to develop all these resources.” – Phillippe Lemaitre: Helen Kitchen’s Africa: Mystery to Maze

As mentioned, Nchia Baba Na Mama is approximately 31,400 square miles, with  Victoria Falls being excluded from development.  It will become NBNM’s 1st National ‘treasure’; and the 1st Wonder of our new World; maintained for posterity.

“a place where man can go to taste the wind that is sweetened by the meadow Flowers.”

Chief Seattle, 1854

I must deviate for a moment because ‘world wonder’ made me think of a quote by the famed banker Baron de Rothschild who could not name the seven wonders of the world but called compound interest the eighth wonder. (More on interest later)

Obviously, we need to negotiate with all four nations to secure the opportunity to develop NBNM with the University of Uhuru as its epicenter and core.

What do we offer in exchange for use of this land?  Of course, I am assuming that they have present possession of their land, and that it is not under the ownership and control of European/American Multi-National Corporations (centuries-old liars, murderers, and thieves)?  If so, we will deal with them as well; let’s not forget the meaning of ‘boycott’, an economic weapon with serious power in today’s world.

Seven Thousand, Eight Hundred, and Fifty (7,850) square miles is approximately 5.2% of Zimbabwe, 2.8% of Zambia, 3.2% of Botswana, and 2.4% of Namibia.  I am talking about land that is presently, virtually  uninhabited and undeveloped.  But back to the question of what is offered in exchange for the use of the land.

I am suggesting that throughout the Diaspora, bringing back home pioneers, of all colors (the concept of race, a man-made fiction to rule the world is ‘dead on arrival’ (DOA) in NBNM.  The pioneers, with the physical and metaphysical resources they possess, provide all that is needed to activate Equism.  Our Human Resources Commission will develop and enforce guidelines that facilitate their responsibility to assist any citizen needing help for work placement and/or entrepreneurial opportunity.

Our pioneers will possess the academic, vocational, technical, and intellectual talent drawn, world-wide, from people seeking freedom, justice and equality of opportunity and a true chance to start again and attempt to get it ‘right’ this time. 

If we don’t start it right, it won’t end right.

We will come to an agreement on the valuation of the land use of the approximate 7,850 square miles in each nation, and then translate that into full, four-year scholarships for their students to attend the University of Uhuru.  Our agreement will guarantee each nation, in perpetuity, an institution to which they can send their students for a true education to facilitate the growth and development of the participating nations, and the individual students and their families.  Students will receive knowledge that is Africentric, not Eurocentric.

The following is a chart that shows how simple it is to annually accommodate 1,000 scholarship students over a thirty (30) year period.

Iteration     Year      Students (total)          Scholarships (25% of enrolled)

1                 4                 4,000                             1,000

2                 8                 8,000                             2,000

3                 12               16,000                            4,000

4                 16               32,000                            8,000

5                 20               64,000                            16,000

6                 24               128,000                          32,000

7                 28               256,000                          64,000

The students that study and train at U of U will develop relationships with their fellow students that will allow, over time, for them to realize their commonality of interests, and accept the need for the amalgamation (unification) of their nations into an economic, political, and social union for the benefit of themselves, and their families.

As U of U is constructed, which is synonymous with NBNM, we are producing products (knowledge, wisdom, and understanding) that our people need; and we are providing an opportunity for all Africans (all human life began in Africa, so technically, all humans are Africans; to return home to do something absolutely beneficial and useful for self (in an individual and collective sense); and we are causing an interaction between peoples and nations that will lay the foundation for the eventual Renaissance and Re-Unification of the World. 

Just imagine if black and white, along with the brown, yellow, and red peoples of our world united!   

John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’ captures the thought best.  Imagination produces reality, so thank you John and Yoko. 

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” – Proverbs, 18:21

The present dystopia demands that we understand and accept that we have a common cause, “the preservation of life on Earth.”  Only those that have eyes can see, and only those with ears can hear will respond to the clarion call of the trumpet.

As stated earlier,  the University of Uhuru will necessitate the demand for the development of the previously mentioned industries.  These industries will be continually fueled by U of U, and U of U will continue to grow as it is fueled by the demands of industry until we reach a population of 10,000,000 people. 

At that point, the University of Uhuru will have produced sufficient graduates with the proper talent, skill, and ability, that Nchia Baba Na Mama will be the Capital of the amalgamation and re-union of the four nations.  NBNM will also be the beacon, shining light on the additional 11 branches of U of U.

My book, Capitalism Birthed Racism; When Racism Will Die, and What Will Replace Capitalism: Equism is the Harbinger!, is very detailed in this regard.