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Winston Churchill Was NOT a Hero. He Was a Racist, Anti-Black, Genocidal Villain

Winston Churchill was not a hero. He was a racist.

The Ukrainian president Zelensky is being compared to Winston Churchill. They are claiming he is our generation’s Churchill.

Being compared to Churchill is supposed to be the highest compliment to Zelensky. That is because White people consider Churchill one of the greatest people to ever live. They consider him a hero.

In reality, Churchill was a villain. He was a racist villain.

He was a racist who believed that Black people were incapable of leading their own countries. He was a racist who believed Africans were too uncivilized to rule themselves.

He once proudly proclaimed that Blacks were “not as capable or efficient” as Whites. His view of white superiority was so strong that he took offense when his fellow Whites challenged it.

He opposed any and all anti-colonialism movements. He proudly and openly supported colonialism. He actually believed colonization was a FAVOR to Africans.

Of course, Churchill was not a random White guy with racist views. He was the Prime Minister of the anti-Black, genocidal British Empire. His views had material consequences. They had atrocious real-life consequences for Blacks everywhere.

So, why would you admire such a dangerously anti-Black person? You shouldn’t.

There is nothing to admire about him. Winston Churchill was not a hero. He was a racist villain.

And nothing else he did during his life would turn him into a hero.

He did fight the Nazis. But fighting the Nazis doesn’t make up for all the atrocities his racist government unleashed on Africans and South East Asians. It is gross to even suggest his fight against the Nazis cancels out the atrocities that his genocidal anti-Black views led to.

You can’t say a person who supported the genocide of one group of people is a good person because he fought to prevent the genocide of another group of people.

To be honest, the British were not fighting to save Jews from the Nazis. They were fighting to save themselves from the Nazis. Churchill was fighting to protect the UK and the rest of Europe from a Nazi invasion.

But even if he was fighting to save the Jews, that doesn’t make him a global hero. Saving Jews while genociding Blacks doesn’t make him a hero. It makes him a war criminal who also did something good.

We don’t applaud the Nazis for the good things they did to Germaniac Whites while they were genociding Jews. So, there is no reason to applaud Churchill for saving Jews while his government was abusing, looting, plundering, and torturing Africans and South East Asians.

There are those who claim we shouldn’t judge people like Winston Churchill by the standards of today. T/hey claim we should judge Churchill by the standards of his own time. As I wrote here, people like Churchill were evil by the standard of THEIR OWN time.

What is telling is that Whites want us to judge Churchill by the standards of his time and say we can’t fault him because he was doing what society was right at that time.

But they don’t extend that to Black freedom fighters like Nate Turner. I mean if you judge Turner’s actions by the standards of his time, you would find them to be\ ethical.

Turner lived in a time when abusing, enslaving, raping, and torturing women and children were considered ethical. So, his killing of women slaveholders and their children is very ethical.

But there is not one history book written by White mainstream writers that upholds Nate Turner as a hero. Not one history book saying Nate was doing what was considered right by the standards of his time. Instead, Nate Turner is universally derided by WHITE society as a terrorist who killed “defenseless” women and children.

How is it that we nuance racist imperialists like Churchill and foist them as global heroes, but we refuse to nuance the actions of anti-racist warriors like Nate Turner?

How is it that we judge colonizer Churchill’s actions by the standards of his time, but we don’t judge abolitionist Nate turner’s actions by the standards of his time?

( To be sure, Nate Turner’s actions are ethical and very correct by the standards of our time, TOO: Nate was a hero by the standards of his times and OUR TIMES)

I am not going to nuance and contextualize a colonizer’s legacy. Winston Churchill was a colonizer. Colonialism is genocide. And there is no context in which genocide of African people can be seen in a bright light.

There is no nuance that you can bring that could turn a racist colonizer into a global hero.

My lovely Suque, December 31, 2022: posted on