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An Open Letter to Professor Jon Meacham

“What do you replace Democracy with? …Absent a better alternative, we move on.”  — Jon Meacham, Presidential Historian, Vanderbilt U., and MSNBC Contributor.

Move on to what Mr. Meacham, trudge along with a continuation of democracy?  Capitalism is Democracy’s “raison d’etre”.  Democracy (politics) is a major instrument and tool of Capitalism (economics).  Without democracy, capitalism fails, as evidenced by our present dystopic world.

There has been a lot of talk in Conservative circles about replacing ‘democracy’, which is what Professor Meacham is referring to.  I maintain that the major reason that the Conservatives and the Far Right have for wanting to rid America of ‘democracy’ is economic (money), not political

At a minimum, 35% – 50% of America, no longer wish to incur debt to solve America’s social ills and feed the avarice and greed of the ‘money’ brokers.  Private individuals, and their surrogate corporate entities, own and control the distribution of money throughout the world.

The privately owned 12 Federal Reserve Banks; The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (7 members chosen by the US President and approved by Congress (as instructed); and the Federal Open Market Committee (the 7 Board of Governors, plus 5 of the 12 Federal Reserve Bank Presidents) are ‘money’ brokers.   

That ubiquitous triumvirate, called the Fed, not only issues, and distributes the US Dollar, but also determines the ‘cost of money’, as sanctioned by the US Congress (The Federal Reserve Act of 1913), but without US Government oversight.   The Fed sets the nation’s interest rate (the cost of money). 

“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws.” – Meyer Amschel Rothschild, 1790

Rothschild went on to say,

“Who controls the issuance of money controls the government…the few who understand the system will either be so interested from its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from them.”

That it is an apt description of the United States Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) today.  And please know, consequently, the world’s private bankers control the money supply for their own purposes, and any benefit to others outside their circle is inconsequential and only serves to facilitate their end.

There should be no wonder why Conservatives and the Far Right want to stop the United States of America from going further into debt by borrowing money from private bankers, $30,000,000,000,000 (Thirty Trillion Dollars) and counting.  The US government prints, and then gives the currency to the privately owned 12 Federal Banks at the cost of the printing.  Wouldn’t you like to buy a $100 dollar bill for 4 cents (the cost of printing)? 

The Fed distributes the US currency among themselves, before finally distributing the currency, via loans (Debt), to the world to facilitate the production, distribution, and consumption of the goods and services necessary for the growth and development of humanity.

But there is one major problem.  The ‘natives’ are getting more and more restless, and dissatisfaction is rampant.  I am talking about 90% of humanity, worldwide.  Health pandemic, climate change, war, economic disparity, civil unrest, and racial persecution, are just a few factors that should wake everyone up.  [Think Teddy Pendergrass’s “Wake Up Everybody.” (Philadelphia International Records)] 

It is clear that the dam called ‘democracy’, the structural support for Capitalism, has too many creases, cracks, and crevasses; and is now breached.  How could democracy survive when it was only created to facilitate the administration of:

“Capitalism, the deadly plague that is very much alive, is founded on murder, theft, and lies, and cannot survive.” – Kojo Lumumba Bandele

Capitalism, which has continuously evolved since Alexander III invaded Africa in 332 BC, established and articulated the reasoning for the European collecting and controlling all of the human and natural resources necessary for the production, distribution and consumption of the goods and services essential to the growth and evolution of an organized people.

The paradigm was both purposeful, deliberate, and concomitant with the Europeans having stolen lands and peoples.  Capitalism and racism (white supremacy in their ‘purest’ form) will die when the lies are exposed, and the truth is told.  Here’s one truth for you.  The Transitive Law of Mathematics: if a=b, and b=c, then a=c; should give you pause.  If you support capitalism, you (a) are a capitalist (b).  Since capitalism (b) equals white supremacy/racism (c), you are racist. [You have survived other truths, and you will survive this one].

“The driving force in humanity is economics.” – Kojo Lumumba Bandele

“…So the lineage of capitalism passes naturally from the earliest Babylonian merchants through the medieval burghers to the early bourgeois and finally to the industrial capitalist.” The Origin of  Capitalism; A Longer View, Ellen Meiksins, 2002

Why does economics matter?  Because everything that one does each day, hour, minute, and second, is precisely determined by the economic paradigm that governs one’s life.  The question that remains unanswered is when will capitalism and racism, European constructs consistent with Caucasian culture, end?  There are close to 6.993 billion people on this planet who need the demise of capitalism and racism immediately, if not sooner.

When I use the word capitalism, I am talking about the European economic paradigm, before and after the introduction of the Monetary Economy, which was introduced between 1650 and 1704.  When I use the word European and or Caucasian, I am talking about a culture, not the melanin content of a peoples’ skin. 

Scientifically, no valid fact regarding human behavior can be drawn from the melanin content of a human being’s skin.  Melanin is a pigment, the compounds added to materials to give them color, not a neurological genetic factor in human behavior.

“The question of the origin of capitalism may seem arcane, but it goes to the heart of assumptions deeply rooted in our culture, widespread and dangerous illusions about the so-called ‘free’ market and its compatibility with democracy, social justice and ecological sustainability.  Thinking about future alternatives to capitalism requires us to think about alternative conceptions of the past.” The Origin of  Capitalism; A Longer View, Ellen Meiksins, 2002

How skillful was that?  Ms. Meiksins states very cleverly, and clearly, that “widespread and dangerous illusions about the so-called ‘free’ market and its compatibility with democracy, social justice and ecological sustainability…requires us to think about alternative conceptions of the past.”  

They lie now, as they have lied before. ‘His-story’ must be reexamined.  Who knows history better than you Mr. Meacham? 

For all of you’ll religious folk, check out John 8: 39-44. 

Please see my book,  Capitalism Birthed Racism, When Racism Will End, And What Will Replace Capitalism: Equism is the Harbinger, c. 2022, for further detail.  A copy is available on request.