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If I Ruled the World Jerry Jones Would be a Felon

“So many years of depression make me vision
The better livin’, type of place to raise kids in
Open they eyes to the lies, history’s told foul.”  
If I Ruled The World by Nas.

In 2017 Jerry Jones was the most vocal NFL owner who dictated that all of his players stand for the National Anthem. His bluster was so forceful and direct that he drew adulation from then-President Trump. A man Jerry had financially supported in his quest to become the President of the United States.

Recently, we found irrefutable proof that Jerry Jones was part of a gang of white male thugs who spit on black students who were forced to integrate the high school he attended. There was so much spit that one black girl had to physically wring her dress out from all of the spit. I want you to go grab a washcloth and grab a squirt bottle. I want you to fill the bottle with water, and then I want you to spray the washcloth with water. I want you to see how long it takes for the washcloth to become so saturated with liquid that you can wring it out. That is how much spit these thugs rained down on these black students.

In no uncertain words: this group of white male criminals assaulted and battered these black children. Jerry Jones was a willing participant in this criminal enterprise. He was part of a conspiracy to deprive these black students of their Constitutional rights by using criminal menacing, unlawful intimidation, assault, and battery. Jerry Jones is a criminal and should bear the modern-day scarlet letter of being designated as a felon.

Jerry Jones did not engage in this criminal scheme because he was hungry or needed to satiate an addiction to narcotics. Jerry Jones was not coerced to participate in this violent mob under the threat of physical violence to him or his loved ones. Jerry Jones actually defied his football coach’s directive to stay clear of this mess. Jerry Jones decided to be a thug that day because he is a racist bigot.

I believe that Fox News did not turn their mostly white audience into the conspiracy-believing bigots they are; it just gave them the nourishment they craved. We now have proof that Jerry Jones’s white supremacist beliefs were not the by-product of his mind being rotted from Fox News but were foundational to who he is as a person from his earliest days.

Jerry Jones is a criminal and a bigot, and the media needs the same energy for him as they brought to bear on Ye, and Kyrie

Ye and Kyrie deserve all the heat in the world for their rhetoric. Yet, Jerry Jones needs to be portrayed as the criminal he is. Unfortunately, this won’t happen unless we force the media to do so because to indict him is to indict the white media’s moms, dads, uncles, aunts, and grandparents who were standing next to Jerry Jones or were members of similar roving bands of domestic terrorists preying upon black people across America.

Jerry Jones and trash humans like him have never atoned for the fear, degradation, assaults, batteries, intimidation, and violence that they intentionally unleashed on innocent black children. Our criminal justice system consciously and willfully ignored their criminal infractions. White people like Jerry Jones have never had to account for their hate and thuggery. Jerry Jones is a billionaire and owner of “America’s Team,” and that is the perfect moniker for what he represents: a team named after those who perpetrated genocide on indigenous people, which is owned by a racist white man billionaire criminal who purposely defied his football coach so he could physically intimidate black students. Nothing can be more American than that.

The Dallas Cowboys are truly America’s Team.

…I was once the same age of Jerry Jones [17]. I can wholeheartedly tell you I would never have done what he did. Yes, I have engaged in poor decision-making in my youth; that is part of growing up. My indiscretions never involved spitting on anyone or being associated with a gang of thugs who spit on anyone. I never allowed my body to be used to intimidate other human beings from getting an education, eating at a restaurant, seeking housing, getting medical treatment, or attending a house of worship.

He was told what he was doing was wrong before the fact, and he still participated anyway. Moreover, if those black students did not receive the protection of armed white men, what would have happened to them? They would have been beaten or lynched.

We cannot allow the innocence of youth to cloak this abhorrent behavior and dismiss it as folly when the adult Jerry Jones has a demonstrable pattern of racial animus. If Jerry Jones had lived a life that identified this moment as an aberration that significantly deviated from who he is today, this could be a profound teaching moment. If he had self-reported this unseemly incident in his autobiography and discussed who he was then and why he regrets his criminal behavior, we might be able to absolve him from his horrific conduct. Yet, none of this happened.

Jerry Jones is a criminal bigot.

This is not about the woke mob trying to cancel him, as many of his defenders will proclaim. The defenses offered by sports commentators like Stephen A. Smith for his criminal deeds ring hollow since Mr. Smith needs access to Jerry and his organization to excel in his vocation. To ignore the vitriol Jerry hissed regarding Colin K. taking a knee and how Jerry would terminate any Cowboy who took a knee to protest the unarmed killing of black men by police is journalistic malpractice. To gloss over Jerry’s unilateral financial support of the Republican Party and the GOP’s open hostility towards black people is dishonest. For a sports reporter to dismiss the fact that Jerry Jones has never hired a black coach or GM is inexcusable (yes, I know Jerry is the GM).

When you look at Jerry Jones’s life objectively and holistically, you are left with one stark conclusion: Jerry Jones is a racist bigot who participated in a criminal conspiracy to deprive black students of their Constitutional rights.

…The framers of the Constitution only gave one charge to the successive generations: to form a more perfect union. In that case, we must hold Jerry and all of the rest of the heinous white people in this picture and others to account for their crimes. We must identify and stomp out hate in all forms. I am asking you all to be better and do better: Jerry Jones is trash, and so are the Cowboys: America’s Team.

Garrick McFadden, Esq.,, December 2, 2022.