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Everyone On Earth Works for the Banks – It’s Time to Make the Banks Work For Us

Most People Don’t Even Realize They’re Bank Slaves

Whether you realize it or not — and unless you are a debt-free live-off-the-land tax-resister — you are a full-time bank slave.

Most of your friends will have a hard time accepting this mathematical reality.

They think they work for themselves or their employers, but the reality is that every single person you know is a full-time bank slave.

Our entire lives — days, weeks, months, years, and decades — are silently and unknowingly being drained away to profit a handful of credit monopolizers.

Here’s how:

If you have a mortgage, you work for the banks

This one is the most obvious.

People live with the delusion that Americans enjoy widespread “homeownership,” but the reality is that real homeownership stats are way down for young people compared to their parents and that the percentage owned by banks is way up across all ages.

In other words, there isn’t really widespread homeownership in America — there’s widespread bank ownership.

Mortgages, as we have discussed, are the biggest ripoff on earth: To get a mortgage, debtors must hand over a massive down payment in cash.

  • The banker then punches a few numbers on their computer screen and creates credit out of thin air.
  • The debtor must pay back that fake money with real money, plus more real money in the form of usurious interest.
  • But of course, since everyone else is doing the same thing, there isn’t enough real money to pay off all the fake money, which is why bankruptcy and homelessness are rampant and everyone else is plunged into competition and workaholism just to stay at the top of the rat heap.
  • When enough debtors can’t pay back all that fake credit with real money at the same time, the markets crash and millions lose not only their house but often the principal they paid and the down payment too.

A mortgage is a death-grip, or rather a debt-grip, that squeezes and chokes the life out of debtors for an average of 25–40 years.

If you are a renter, you work for the banks

Renters, of course, are in an even worse position than mortgagees.

Rent-serfs are a growing class of people too poor to become direct bank slaves.

Because rent-serfs don’t have enough saved up for a down payment, they have to pay usurious interest to a property-monopolizer, becoming rent-trapped in a corrupt system from feudal times called land-lording.

So, instead of paying a mortgage to a bankster, they pay their land-lorder’s mortgage instead.

In fact, many land-lorders gloat over the fact that their rent-trapped tenant-serf pays their bankster mortgage — indeed, that’s the only reason they get into the land-lording con in the first place.

Unlike mortgagees, who must slave for the banks for 25–40 years, rent-serfs have no mathematical choice but to slave to pay land-lorders mortgages their entire life.

If you have debt, you work for the banks

This one is also fairly obvious:

  • If you have student loans, you work for the banks
  • If you have medical loans, you work for the banks
  • If you have auto loans, you work for the banks
  • If you have credit card loans, you work for the banks
  • If you have consumer debts, you work for the banks

Banks, of course, love to shame people for having debt, when in fact it’s they who have designed a system where it is mathematically impossible for the majority of people not to be in debt.

The end result is a nation of debt peons slaving away to pay off fake credit with real money and real interest, even though there isn’t enough of either to pay back what we collectively owe.

If you pay taxes, you work for the banks

While billionaires and their extraction machines (called corporations) pay almost zero in tax, the middle class, working class, and poor are saddled with literally one hundred different types of taxes, including income tax, sales tax, land transfer tax, excise tax, and so on.

But the taxes we’re forced to pay don’t cover the government’s budget. Corporate-controlled governments give huge tax breaks and incentivizes to their corporate sponsors, and waste a huge amount of money on pet programs and corrupt schemes that no accountable democracy would ever allow.

Plus, because politicians refuse to tax those who’ve benefited the most from society, there’s always a budget shortfall. So what do corporatists do?

They borrow the difference from their banker buddies.

Money is created by governments buying bonds (interest-bearing debt) from banks.

And corporatists borrow a lot. Corrupt politicians have now indebted American taxpayers to the tune of $30 trillion, with interest payments now totaling $677.6 billion per year. 

In other words, every single year that you are a taxpaying America, you have to slave to pay more than $2,000 worth of interest payments to banks, ripped from your wallet via taxation on every item and service you purchase.

If you buy goods and services, you work for the banks

But it’s not just corporatist governments who force you to work for banks.

Corporations themselves force you to work for banks.

See, all the major corporations today are monopolies, with near total dominance over their industries. Think: Amazon with e-retail and web services, Google with search, Cargill with meat, etc.

And nearly all monopolies become monopolies in the same way: They take on huge amounts of bank debt and bleed investor money for decades, losing billions of dollars while they destroy their competition in order to achieve a monopoly.

But that means nearly every corporation you buy from is loaded to the gills with interest-bearing debt, and you are the one who has to pay it off via higher prices at the checkout.

Every time you swipe your credit card or pay cash at a retailer that carries debt, you’re working for a bank.

How to end bank slavery

If we’re serious about reclaiming our time and retaining our wealth instead of plunging into generational serfdom, there are two options to stop working for the banks:

  1. You can magically find a way to become debt-free, live off the land without the use of money, and refuse to pay property taxes.
  2. You can join the growing ranks of thinking people who know it’s time to democratize the banks and make them work for us instead.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the paterfamilias of the Rothschild banking cartel, said:

“I care not who controls a nation’s political affairs, so long as I control her currency.”

And that’s really what this all boils down to.

Either we let sociopathic anti-human corporations own banks and charge us interest, or we the people own the banks, ideally via democratic, accountable, transparent, not-for-profit non-governmental structures. Every cent the banks make should be used to free the poor, not shackle the next debtor in line.

We also need democratic money — money that comes into existence debt-free, not as interest-bearing debt to private banks.

Without debt-free money-creation and not-for-profit banking, we will end up where every other civilization that sided with creditors ended up:

In utter ruin.

Banking will cost us our entire lives

When you actually sit down, add it all together, and do the math, it quickly becomes apparent that humanity spends the vast majority of our time working to enrich banks.

Whether directly working for banks via mortgages, or indirectly via land-lorders, taxmen, or corporations, tens of thousands of hours of our precious and extremely limited time are being stolen in order to pay interest to people who have contributed literally nothing to society.

Don’t take my word for it — do the math yourself. Think about how much the average person overpays to stay alive in this world, and think of how much radically lighter the burden of living would be if banks weren’t bleeding us dry at every single turn.

Instead of spending time with our friends and family, instead of exercising and enjoying nature, instead of volunteering and serving one another, instead of enjoying life and its abundant free gifts, we are all chained to work away our futile little lives in order to enrich the richest non-contributors in human history.

And because interest compounds but real biological wealth does not, the global debt bubble will continue to outpace our ability to pay, ensuring that the world’s $300 trillion debt load will never stop growing until all of humanity does nothing but slave away our lives to pay bank interest.

Make no mistake: It will break us.

Indeed, it already is.

This article, by Jared Brock, was posted on October 28, 2022, to Medium Daily Digest, an online publication that I subscribe to.